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Hi there,

My name is Jeff Broomfield and I am the creator of the Migraneze Breathing Method. I suffered with migraine headaches for most of my life... that was up till 7 years ago when I visited the Ontario Migraine Clinic in Georgetown, Ontario. I have not had one migraine since my treatment at this clinic.

I have no medical training & I am no more than an experienced patient. A guy who has successfully lived without migraine headaches for the last 7+ years.

I grew up in a family business and worked in my family's print shop for most of my life. As a Master Printer, I have mastered many highly technical trades within my industry and pioneered many innovations along the way. I was always one of the first, if not the first to master new technology. It was my job to identify problems and create solutions. To do it, I have had to constantly learn and upgrade my skills and become an expert in such things as computer sciences, data management, colour sciences, energy, digital technologies, robotics, digital and laser imaging devices, sales & marketing, business management, finance, people management, training, self development, psychology, purchasing and much more.

Outside of my business life, I am a published author, professional musician and an activist. As a director of the Concerned Citizens Of Brant, I lead a research team consisting of scientists in the field of water, geology & chemical sciences in identifying potential threats to our water supply from aggregate operations. We have presented several scientific theories to health ministries and government agencies for evaluation and are currently looking to be involved in setting up scientific testing protocols to test our theories out. 

My interest in healthcare begins with myself and my family. It wasn't always this way. A few short years ago I put wealth above all else and my health suffered from it. I always believed that if I ever got sick I could just get the doctor to prescribe a pill. As I watch my family grow older, I now realize that there is no wealth without health. Waiting until symptoms occur to deal with things is far too late. I just have to look at the older generation to see this is true.

I'm a guy who used to work 12-16 hours a day with the business always on my mind. I even gave up music. I dedicated my life to achievement of my goals and the success of my dad's company. If I did eat, it was crackers from my drawer or fast food... and a pop.

Since then, I have changed everything around and I have put my health above everything else. I have eliminated pop and caffeine from my life, quit smoking, started exercising, meditating, and even started eating salad & fruit. I have suddenly become extremely self aware. I am in control of my health with every choice that I make.

Although I suspected long ago that it was the breathing exercise that helped me control my migraines, it wasn't until recently that I decided to look into the science behind it. I think you will agree that what I have found and presented here is a viable theory of the cause of Migraine Headaches. One that at least needs to be proven wrong.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions.


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