The body oxygen test or Control Pause (CP) can tell you how oxygenated your body is. Even if your blood is 100% oxygenated, it doesn't mean it's being delivered to your cells.  The following videos will explain how to perform this test.

ButeykoMethod: Measure your Control Pause Buteyko

How to measure the control pause. Breathe out, hold breath until first involuntary movements of breathing muscles. Buteyko practitioner and author Patrick McKeown shows how. Control pause- great feedback for health

Buteyko Body Oxygen Test

Artour Rakhimov

The Buteyko body oxygen test - Find out how you can easily measure your body oxygen content using a stress-free breath holding time test. This is the main test of the Buteyko breathing technique, while the video provides a precise and simple description of this breath holding test.