I suffered with debilitating migraine headaches for over 25 years but after treatment at the Ontario Migraine Clinic... 

I have not had a migraine headache for over 7 years now

... not one migraine headache, tension headache or any other type of headache. I have gained my life back naturally, without using drugs.

I like to understand how things work so I set out to figure out why this treatment was effective for me. I looked for examples of others who found migraine relief to see how they accomplished it, I watched countless hours of medical lectures, read through medical studies and many articles regarding migraine headaches, neurology and physiology. From all of this research and learning, I have developed a hypothesis about what was causing my migraine headaches.

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In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, I cannot promise that you will experience similar results from using this product. Results are not typical. Results may vary from person to person. The generally expected performance of this product in regards to migraine headache has not been scientifically validated and I cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

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If you are like me, then you have tried everything to relieve yourself of migraine headaches. I know how frustrating it is going to all of the different specialists and getting tested for everything under the sun, just to find out they don't really know what causes migraine headaches.

Of all the testing that I went through and all of the different specialists that I went to see, there is one specialist I was never sent to see. I'm willing to bet that you yourself were never sent to see this specialist either.

A breathing specialist or breathing coach.

Our most vital function is our breathing. We cannot survive without oxygen for more than a few minutes. The proper delivery of oxygen to our cells is vital to our health and this is controlled through our breathing. As important as it is, studies show that most of us breathe improperly. There is no standard for "proper" breathing. but we have standards for how much of each nutrient we need to eat or drink, ideal weight, how long we need to sleep... standards for everything but our most important nutrient, oxygen.

There is no such thing as a breathing expert in modern Western medicine... but breathing is the foundation of nearly all Eastern medicine such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, meditation... It's all about the flow of Chi... AKA oxygen... throughout the body.

In Psychology, people with stress, anxiety, anger and many other conditions are taught to control their mental state with breathing techniques.

Monks & Yogi's spend years in meditation learning to control their breathing in order to achieve higher states of consciousness. Many achieve better oxygen absorption at 1 breath every 3 minutes.

Exercise and cardio is widely accepted as being critical for optimum health and has prevented migraines for many migraine sufferers... but not everybody. Proper breathing must be learned from someone who knows about it. It has to be taught and practiced... passed from person to person.

With what I have learned about breathing in just the last year, I am really amazed about how little I knew about my most important function. I'm shocked with how little attention modern medicine pays to our breathing habits and the lack of research into breathing and oxygen and how it relates to our health. But... Science is beginning to figure it out... Dr. Stephen Levine, Renowned Molecular Biologist and Geneticist, Author of "Oxygen Deficiency: A Concomitant to All Degenerative Illness":

"In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state...Low oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease...Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease. Oxygen is the source of life to all cells."

How could you tell if you ever went to see a breathing specialist?

This specialist would have had to hook you up to a monitoring device to "listen" to your breathing over a period of days leading to a migraine attack. Like a heart monitor but for breathing. They would have to be able to determine how you were breathing leading up to the migraine. This device would have to tell them breathing rates & volume, shallow or deep breathing, periods of breath holding. They would almost have to collect the kind of data that you would see in a sleep apnea clinic.  On top of that, they would need to monitor incoming and outgoing air for oxygen and carbon dioxide, measure your blood gas and figure out how much oxygen is being delivered to your cells. Sound familiar? Didn't think so.

Mini Self-Experiments

If you really want to test your breathing, take note of your current position. You are likely reading this web page on your computer and you are hunched over a desk. Take a deep breath while you are in this position and see how deep you can breathe. Does your belly move or your chest?

You may want to make notes about what you notice with your breathing as you complete these mini self-experiments.

Next, sit up with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight and take a deep breath. Put one hand on your chest and one on your belly and see which one moves the most.

Now I'd like you to connect with your diaphragm and ensure that all breaths are being made by moving your diaphragm only. Don't allow any upper chest muscles to move & don't use your abdomen muscles to breathe. Take several  deep, slow breaths and exhale slowly, making sure the exhale is longer than the inhale. Move your body around to see if you can increase your capacity.

How is your awareness and control of your diaphragm? Can you even feel it? Are you in direct control of  it? Can you feel the vacuum affect actually suck the air into your lungs?

You can video tape yourself or stand in front of a mirror to see better. Just watch and observe how you breathe.

Once you are used to this deep breathing feeling, try sitting in your common favourite positions, such as typing, reading, sitting in your favourite chair watching T.V. or whatever you spend time doing and see how you breathe in those positions. Notice the restriction of movement of your diaphragm.

Now lets pretend that you are out in public. Pull in your stomach and puff up your chest. Now try to breathe deeply with your diaphragm as you hold in your stomach. You pretty much have to use your chest and neck muscles to breathe.

 Watch this video to see Evolution trainers explain about paradoxical breathing.

By now, you can probably tell if you breathe with the diaphragm or with the chest & neck muscles. Maybe even some of each. A physical sign of chest breathing is tight or sore neck & shoulder muscles. I believe many people who suffer with migraine headache may identify with the kind of symptoms that I'm referring to. For me, whenever I begin to feel this kind of tension build, I automatically go into my breathing method.

There are many problems associated with chest breathing. The most harmful is the gas mixture that is created in our lungs and our ability to deliver oxygen to our cells. When we breathe only into the top part of our lungs, we only oxygenate 30% of our blood. It only takes the blood a maximum of 2 minutes to completely circulate through our body so it doesn't take long for the effects to hit us. Just try hyperventilating and see how long that takes (actually don't! You risk passing out so I don't recommend this)... you get the point. Our breathing pattern does not take long to affect us. (If you haven't watched the intro video at the top of this page, I suggest you do that now)

Watch the video to hear Dr. West explain "ventilation perfusion inequality"... chest breathing.

Jump forward to 12:20

The Body Oxygen test.

There is a quick test you can do to determine your body's oxygen saturation level. The better your cells are saturated with oxygen, the longer you can hold your breath. The video below will explain how to do the test. Start timing at the end of an exhale and hold your breathe until your diaphragm gives you a sign it's had enough. Use a watch and document your results so that you can track your progress.

A time of less than 10 seconds indicates an urgent medical condition.

40 seconds is considered the low end of good or average health with over 60 being excellent health. Anything below 30 is considered poor health.

Mouth Breathing

Dr. Mark Cruz talks about the effects of mouth breathing and how negative effects within the body may arise simply due to mouth breathing. Important functions of the body, such as alkalinity of the blood becomes compromised, affecting other organs.

watch this video to learn about the many harmful effects caused by mouth breathing.

Breaths Per Minute Test

The next test is a little easier, all you need to do is count how many breathing cycles you complete in 60 seconds. In and out or out and in... whichever works for you. Take a minute and do this before you check out what the results mean.

5-6 is the optimal goal. 15 and above indicate health issues. Anything above 6 is leaning towards hyperventilation, 12 is the average and indicates that you are processing double the air that you need to.

Breathing Volume Test

Another test is to see how high you can count in 1 breath. You take a deep breath and then count out loud but silently. Count as fast as you can while saying the whole number. If you hit 100 then start back at one. 90 is the bottom end of good so anything below that indicates falling health levels. If you get below 60 then you might want to visit your doctor.

Migraineze Breathing Method

By now, the connection between our breathing and our health should be obvious. This explains how my treatment at the Ontario Migraine Clinic was so effective in treating my migraine headaches. According to an article in Vitality Magazine "Cleary boasts that in a three-year study, 93% of his patients (who completed a full treatment program) didn’t suffer from migraine after the final treatment."

I have not had one migraine since my last treatment 7 years ago.

The secret is not the acupuncture needles themselves, the secret is the breathing exercise. The needles do have purpose and function... but that can be achieved in other ways.  Of course this is only my opinion so if you really want the original proven treatment, just check out the Ontario Migraine Clinic website and feel free to book an appointment.

After 7 years of breathing with this method, I know how effective it is at easing migraine symptoms. Along with the research that I have done, I'm confidant this breathing method is the secret. With this success, I have developed my own way to teach this breathing method to people. I call it the Migaineze Breathing Method.

This is a series of audio files in MP3 format and you use to learn the breathing exercise. You sit in a comfortable position, relax and breathe as you are guided through the exercise. Just like a meditation audio. The first audio includes an in depth explanation and instruction on how to perform the breathing. I teach you a series of tools that you use to program your new breathing habit into your subconscious mind, and some of the files just help you relax and focus on your breathing.

Here’s what’s included with the Audio Suite

  • Audio file #1 – Teaches you the deep breathing exercise & explains the theory
  • Audio file #2 – Teaches you how to access your subconscious mind to set an anchor
  • Audio file #3 – Guided breathing exercise : gentle waves 10 minutes
  • Audio file #4 – Guided breathing exercise : stream 10 minutes
  • Audio file #5 – Guided breathing exercise : gentle waves 20 minutes
  • Audio file #6 – Guided breathing exercise : stream 20 minutes
  • Audio file #7 – Migraine Rescue remedy
  • Bonus – Audio file #8 – Breathing audio no guidance : gentle waves
  • Bonus – Audio file #9 – Breathing audio no guidance : stream
  • Bonus - Progress tracking sheet

What benefits did I get from this breathing method?

I can't make any promises about this breathing program... I can only tell you the benefits that I have achieved. Results will vary depending on a wide variety of circumstances including your commitment to the breathing exercise.

  • Got back control of my life
  • Take on commitments without worry
  • Got back valuable time
  • Never miss another event due to migraine
  • Peace of mind
  • Achieved a migraine free state
  • No fear of waking with a migraine
Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results are not typical. Results may vary from person to person. Migraines have many causes and not everyone will see results using the Migraineze Breathing Method. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

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Migraineze Breathing Method

Audio Program

This audio program will teach you the same breathing method that I have used to remain migraine free for over 7 years. The audio program will help you achieve better oxygenation through better breathing habits. Breathing is about balance and this exercise teaches balanced breathing and helps to program this breathing habit into your subconscious mind.

Just download the MP3 audio files to any device, get comfortable, listen and breathe.

Still need more info?

Comorbid Conditions

One of the things that I found interesting when researching migraine headaches was that stroke patients are also included in many studies. It turns out that those with migraines run a very high risk of stroke. Studies also show that migraines can lead to brain damage. According to Marcelo E. Bigal, M.D., Ph.D., migraine often accompany the following conditions: bipolar disorder, epilepsy, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, stress, MS, glaucoma, asthma, allergies, depression, tourette's, GI disorders, arthritis, low back pain and more.

If the pain is not enough incentive enough to get rid of your migraines, that list should give you a little.

Raynaud's syndrome is frequent comorbid condition with migraine.

According to Migraine .com, "the primary symptoms of Raynaud’s are cold and brightly discolored fingers, hands, toes, feet and other extremities. Raynaud’s can also affect the face (nose, ears, lips) and breasts. Three colors are typical and include white, blue or purple, and red."  This condition may also cause nails to become brittle with longitudinal ridges, your fingers could go numb or tingle and your hands and feet will be cold.

It's quite possible that I had this. My mom remembers asking the doctor about why my hands turned purple and he said it was poor circulation & nothing to worry about. (In China, I would have been given breathing lessons). It's not that they would be like that all the time... just sometimes... and it stopped a few years back.

This is tied to our fight or flight response and hyperventilation. Triggers could be as simple as your favourite drama on TV, or even real life. A scary movie will get you going from hyperventilating to holding your breath and alternating back & forth over an hour and a half. Our emotions are tied to our breathing and our breathing is tied to our emotions. How we breathe directly affects which areas of our body are oxygenated and which parts are not. You are either mindful of your breath or you are not. Are you currently focused on your breathing as you read this? Total control seems to take the efforts of a monk. At the very least, to say that you have control over your breathing you would have to do breathing focused meditation, Yoga or similar.

When we allow these dis-functional breathing patterns to run unchecked, then we end up with health issues.

Do you awaken with a migraine?

Sleep apnea is a breathing disfunction that often occurs with migraine. With sleep apnea, you over breathe or snore for a period of time and then you stop breathing for a while. You hyperventilate, then breath hold, probably because your body is trying to build your CO2 back up, then you wake up with a headache. I don't know if this condition is connected to migraines but waking with a headache is a symptom. The important thing to note is that many of these conditions that seem related to breathing and circulation... which may be controlled by your breathing.

For those with asthma and sleep apnea, I suggest checking out the Buteyko Breathing method. They claim a high rate of success so they would be well worth researching. Many cautions for people with migraines if you try Buteyko breathing.

For those with stress, panic attacks, fear, anxiety, anger issues, depression or sleep problems, they are taught 7 11 breathing. Yes, a breathing technique is used to relieve these issues.

At a recent visit to my optometrist, the subject of oxygen came up and he mentioned that their science is leaning towards oxygen as a cause of glaucoma.

The common element in all of this is oxygen.

Our most critical function we can perform for ourself is ensuring that we get enough oxygen delivered to our cells at all times. Our breathing is our main tool for controlling this.

Next we have our mineral intake. Iron and magnesium are needed so our body can build red blood cells. Studies show that more than 70% of us are magnesium deficient. One of the newest treatments for migraine is an iv drip of magnesium.

Our body needs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to build red blood cells and hemoglobin. The following vitamins and minerals will ensure optimal red cell production and health:

  • Magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, vitamin B-12, B-2, B-9, B-6, vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C increases our ability to absorb iron.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is believed to increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain. It is also used to combat migraine headaches.
  • Studies on parthenolide, an extract from the common herb feverfew & bay leaf, increases reactive oxygen species within cells. It is being used to combat certain types of cancer as well.

The delivery of oxygen remains to be the common theme.

How is your breathing?

By now, you should have a pretty good idea where you stand health-wise based on your test results. This is a self assessment so you know whether they are accurate or not. A properly oxygenated body will crave exercise and a poorly oxygenated body will want to sit. Be completely honest with yourself, this is between you and your health. If you scored low, you may want to visit your doctor.

If you find yourself taking 12 breaths per minute and your hands are always cold, chances are you are hyperventilating. Make sure you consider these results with all of the others.

Can the problem really be as easy as breathing?

What do you think? How much did you know about breathing before you found my site? Do you consider breathing "simple" after reading all this? Unless you were specifically trained, I suspect that you are no different than I was and had no idea how complex our breathing really is.

Every one of us should all know all this information. The better we are at breathing, the better our health and longer our lives. I wish I was taught this when I was 10!!!

It is obvious to me now that our breathing quality and our health go together. It's taken me almost 48 years to figure that out. My quality of my life from here on is completely up to me.

If I put the effort in now to correct my breathing and my body chemistry, I will live a much more active, healthier life with less pain, sickness or dependance on the medical system & pharmaceuticals. The way I see it... I can either spend the time now correcting my health issues or spend even more time and money later being sick. 

Now hang on a minute! If this was true than medicine would have figured it out... Dr: Otto Warburg: Two-time Nobel Laureate, Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research said:

"Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by an anaerobic (ie., oxygen-deficient) cell respiration".

Millions of people who practice traditional Chinese medicine have known about this for 1000's of years. Only 1% of the Chinese population get migraines.

Qi Gong,  the practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and martial arts training, extends back more than 4,000 years. There are five schools of Qi Gong; Bao, Buddhist, Confucious, Martial Arts, and medical QiGong. Tai Chi and Kung Foo are forms of Qi Gong.

In Chinese theory, everything is mixed with Qi. It makes up the universe. It is absolute. It will not disappear. It will just transfer from one form to another. (Note: oxygen transfers to carbon, it makes up our water, rocks, earth, trees, me & you...& everything)

Oxygen is Chi

It is believed that aging is the result of not having enough Chi (or Qi). When we don't absorb enough Qi, or oxygen, our cells are not nourished and they starve to death. The only way to rebuild cells is to provide enough oxygen so that the cells can rebuild themselves. Controlled breathing is the first principle underlying Qi Gong and it's purpose is to protect health, promote vitality and prolong life.

It is believed that we begin losing Qi in our 20's just like the medical fact that our body loses 1% of it's capacity every year from 20 on.

From the looks of it, modern medicine is beginning to figure out what Qi Gong has know for 1000's of years.

Townsend Letter for Doctors: "Cells undergoing partial oxygen starvation send out tiny panic signals which are collectively felt in the body as a continuous vague sensation of uneasiness, dread or disaster. This low level generalized warning tends to get tuned out as mere "background noise" by the individual experiencing it. Or, it is attributed to other sources of uneasiness...." People rarely suspect that the constant vague feelings of helplessness, fatigue....uneasiness are symptoms of cellular oxygen deprivation.

Dr. John Muntz, Nutruitional Scientist: "Starved of oxygen the body will become ill, and if this persists it will die, I doubt if there is an argument about that."

Modern medicine is currently experimenting with oxygen and they are finding significant health benefits from the inhalation of oxygen. One study concluded:

"In addition to its role in the treatment of cluster headache, high-flow oxygen therapy may provide an effective treatment of all types of headaches in the ED setting." 

Yes, people with migraine and other types of headache were given oxygen therapy at an emergency department and it relieved their headaches. (you can find links to this & other studies I refer to on the studies page in the links at the bottom of this page)

Why believe a word I say?

I don't ask you to believe me. I ask you to look at the idea with an open mind, try some experiments, observe your breathing habits, ask some questions and draw your own conclusions. If you believe in science, true belief in science, you experiment with things yourself. Try Migraineze Breathing Method and see if it works for you.

Money Back Guarantee! If you're not satisfied in 60 days, you will get a full refund.

I'm just sharing what I have learned here. You are free to believe whatever you like. I am not alone in my belief... there are 100's of millions of people around the world that believe in Qi. I am not claiming any discovery... only that I have discovered it for myself. This knowledge dates back 7000 years based on archeology... so it's just new to me... & it may be new to you.

We have a Nobel prize winner, a molecular biologist, the majority of eastern medicine and Russian medicine who all recognize that the absorption of oxygen is critical for optimum health.

“Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system. We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all diseases”            Dr. Stephen Levine & Dr. Paris M. Kidd, Ph.D

I believe that I have provided enough scientific evidence to suggest that this hypothesis deserves serious consideration and scientific evaluation. It just makes so much sense when you eliminate your preconceptions. Oxygen is our life force... there is no denying that. The more of our life force that we absorb, the healthier we will be. How we breathe determines how much we will absorb however, according to studies, most of us breathe improperly.

It doesn't matter who else knows about this... whether it be a doctor or scientist... what matters is that you know about it. You now have the information you need to research this yourself and draw your own conclusions. Ask your doctor or other health care providers. You have the power to heal yourself & the opportunity to learn how through my guided breathing exercise. I suggest you talk to your doctor and find out if breathing is right for you.

You can test my hypothesis and try this breathing program yourself with absolutely no risk.

Money Back Guarantee! If you're not satisfied in 60 days, you will get a full refund.

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Money Back Guarantee! If you're not satisfied in 60 days, you will get a full refund.


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The Bohr Effect page contains videos that explain the Bohr effect in detail from a few different perspectives and the Body Oxygen Test page contains videos that explain how to perform the test in detail.

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